The ETCO Approach

ETCO Specialty Products, Inc. founded in 1982 as the E. Thompson Company, is a manufacturer of specialty fittings for primarily the utilities industry…

ETCO’s first products were expandable pipe stoppers and clean out plugs for the plumbing and sewer industry. As ETCO grew, so did the markets for the plugs. The telephone and electrical utility industries began using the plugs for plugging vacant ducts. ETCO received its first patent in 1985 on their “T” Cone expandable plug.

In 1986, ETCO began compounding our own urethanes in order to meet the physical properties and environmental requirements needed for our products. At about the same time, ETCO developed a process to bond our urethanes to PVC, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. This process enabled ETCO to expand the applications for our urethanes and develop new products.

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